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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Losin' Sleep Over It

I used to be a creature of habit. Had to be at work at 0700, had to be out the door at 0620, had to be on my feet NLT 0550. I was usually crashed by 2300, sometimes earlier, rarely later unless I didn't get off until 2300. That was the routine for 9 years.

That routine came to a screeching halt five weeks ago.

0439 Eastern and I'm blogging.

I'm ready to be gone. Too much time waiting. Not that much that really has to be done before I go. Much to worry about. For myself I am really only worried about not making it through their physical and getting sent home and never getting over there. That would suck. That would suck severely.

The rear detachment I'm leaving back at home station worries me.

Aw, fuck it. This blog is not a soap opera.


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