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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Body Armor

Ther are some sorry sunzabitches in this outfit that will scratch your name off the computer waiting list and lie about calling out your name. Hope the internet cafe at Kandahar is better organized.

Saw the helmets and vests we are getting. Dark blue, like a journalist's. I saw the stuff, and it seems like I should be writing something deep about the meaning of war, or something about the significance of going to a place where body armor and ballistic helmets are needed, but all I really care about is how much space they will take up in my NBC gear bag. I have a bunch of my stuff in that bag. I have more stuff now than I left home with, thanks to She Who Must Be Obeyed and Bass Pro Shop, and I am depending on that gear bag to haul the excess.


Blogger cannonette said...

Sweety, I'm sorry there are turkeys who scratch your name off the waitting list for the internet cafe, there is always a turd in the bunch!

Is your body armor any good or is just for looks. You can wax poetic about war and the problems of such when you arrive at your prescribed destination.

You need to repack all your stuff and roll the little bottles and such, up in some of the clothes that are in all the vacuum bags. You can squeeze all of it in to the bags. You can do it. Your a very talented man and this important to you. So suck it up and drive on Legionnaire!

You are my favorite human! I love you!!!! T

2:20 PM  
Blogger Black coffee & a smoke... said...

Okay--Cause a couple of you yelled, "Write!" I posted on my blog! URL is above. With any kind of luck, you'll get a turn in the internet cafe. Hell, I only set up a blog so I could make an occasional comment on someone else's blog... So I'll try to keep it going. Sheesh! Damned slavedrivers!

5:06 PM  
Blogger Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

"She who must be obeyed!" ROFL!!!

10:21 PM  

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