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Friday, September 10, 2004


Get on a bus at 0430. Be where they told you to be at the time they told you to be there. Sit for two hours. Get on another bus. Ride. For an eeevil, rich corporation, they are in a pretty dumpy part of town. Get off bus. Stand in line. Pee in cup. They only want half a cup. I have much more than that for them. Avoid pissing on your hand. Get back on bus. Get off bus. You are now at a maintenance shed about the size of an aircraft hanger. Trailers are parked inside the hanger. Inside the trailers are our tormenters.

I was really sweating this. I had people praying for me. That worked. I had to huff and puff eight times to pass the Pulmonary Function Test, but I did it.

I was advised the night before to shave my chest or the EKG techs would be rough with me. Never tried that before. Never will again. Itched like a bitch. I think the EKG techs would have been gentle.

Finally got to eat around 1100. Best chicken salad sandwich I ever had


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