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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Professionals

The kids are at school, She Who Must Be Obeyed is in the rack, and I am watching one of my favorite movies, a 1966 bandito movie with Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, and Jack Palance. I wannabe a dynamiter and light fuses with a cigar. Don't think I will crimp blasting caps with my teeth, though. First time I saw that movie was in an AAFES theater in Japan. I was 11. Made a big impact on me.

We stay because we believe.

We leave because we are disillusioned.

We come back because we are lost.

We die because we are committed.

I love all those bandito movies, even the sorry ones. I even sat through a Jane Fonda movie to watch Gregory Peck be the The Old Gringo. Hell, I'm an Old Gringo, now. When I am done in the 'stan, I want to visit Chihuahua and see how much the one place is like the other.

Tuesday night I got my flight info. Leave home Sunday. A great adventure is about to begin, and I'm blogging and watching movies and waiting for my old lady to wake up.

I am becoming pessimistic about the future of this blog. CB's blog has brought him a world of unwanted attention. He got outed by National Public Radio and his name and unit were exposed. The name of his blog got changed, posts of his are disappearing, SGT Hook has had a post to mysteriously disappear on him, and things are not looking good for the military wing of the blogosphere. It remains to be seen how much useful blogging I can accomplish without:

A. Blowing my cover

B. Giving somebody an excuse to accuse me of violating OPSEC, and

C. Pissing off my chain of command and getting sent home on the FTS

She Who Must Not Be Disturbed has thoughtfully provided me with hard copy diary books that you write in with a pen or pencil. Sounds primitive, but it'll work. She has hounded me for years to write a book. I've started several. Never got beyond Chapter One in any of them. Writing is hard. Convincing myself that anybody would want to read my drivel is harder.


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